2016 Georgia Junior Duck Stamp Contest Winners

Congratulations all contest winners for the 2016 Georgia Junior Duck Stamp Contest!


Group 3 Winners Grades 7-9

1st Place- Allen Ding

1st Place- Hyacinth Weng

1st Place- Amie Xu

2nd Place- Mechelle Jiaxi Chen

2nd Place- Madhurya Chen

2nd Place- Qiru Lin

Honorable Mention- Claire Deng

Honorable Mention- Robert Hunter

Honorable Mention- Ashley Presnell

Honorable Mention- Maggie Xia

Honorable Mention- Megan Zhang

Honorable Mention- Olivia Zhang

Honorable Mention- Sophie Zhang

Group 4 Winners Grades 10-12

1st Place/Best of Show- Rayen Kang

1st Place- Weiting Liu

1st Place- Amy Mu

3rd Place- Ann Ding

3rd Place- Michelle Yang


Congratulations students, we’re so proud of you!