Zhi Qu- Schoolmaster

Zhi Qu

Mr. Qu is a renown Chinese film scenery artist, designer, and art director who now resides in the United States. Zhi Qu graduated from Luxun Art Institute, a highly prestigious art institute in China. He was rewarded the Certificate of Excellence and the National People Scholarship for three consecutive years while attending the Luxun Art Institute. Mr.Qu has worked extensively in professional artistic fields such as interior/exterior design, creative conceptual advertising, fashion design,and design for animation. He has participated in the creation of more than 270 animated films from various studios, some of the titles include The Batman, Aladdin, Tom and Jerry, Treasure Island, and more.

Zhi Qu has been a senior member of the Shenzhen Design Federation and a press artist for the Hong Kong Xiaoshumiao Press. Before moving to the United States, he was a member of the Animated Film Society of China, Arts and Crafts Society of China, and the China Stage Art Society of the International Stage Art Federation. In 2004, Mr. Qu founded the First Fine Art & Design Studio in Atlanta, Georgia to teach students of all ages the various design related techniques and concepts.


Qu Zhi Art Work